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Refunds Home

GST/HST Recovery

We find overpayments of GST/HST going back up to 4 years

PST Recovery

We find refundable PST going back up to four years

Tax Appeals

We assist with tax appeals

AHS Tax Group

Reducing Your Sales Tax Cost

Our main business is finding overpaid sales tax amounts and getting them refunded to you up to four years. Each of our auditors have 25+ years experience doing sales tax audits in hundreds of different businesses of all types and sizes. Not only do we know the rules, we have evolved with them and know them well.

 If we don’t find anything, your review is free!

Our fees are based on a percentage on the amount we recover for you.

We Help With:


  • GST/HST Refund Recovery
  • PST Overpayment Recovery
  • Audit Representation
  • Appeals Representation
  • Reconstruction
  • Sales Tax Planning


Professional Auditors

AHS Tax Group is a team of professional auditors with years of experience specializing in sales taxes.We are experienced with Public Service Bodies such as Canadian Municipalities, Hospitals and Universities. We are also experienced with issues involving United States Registered Non-Resident companies as well as cross border transactions.

Get Back What You're Owed

Our passion is the recovery of overpaid tax. After we obtain a download of accounts payable and sales tax accounts, we use specialized analytical software to identify transactions where there is unclaimed or under claimed taxes. We determine if you have accurately taken all your tax credits, rebates and entitlements, using our extensive tax knowledge and experience.

How We Work

Most of the work involved is done outside your office. For this service, our fees our based on a percentage on the amount we recover for you. If we find no recoveries, which is rare, then there is no fee.

Contact Us


13383 - 108 Ave. Surrey, BC V3T 5T6


604 200-5418


604 200-5418



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